how to install front license plate on hyundai santa fe

Installing a front license plate on a Hyundai Santa Fe is a simple process. Here’s a general guide on how to do it:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Front license plate bracket (if not included with the vehicle)
  • License plate and license plate screws
  • Screwdriver or a drill with a Phillips head bit
  • Level (optional, for alignment)


  1. Gather Your Materials:
    • Make sure you have the front license plate bracket (if not already installed) and your license plate with the appropriate screws.
  2. Locate the Mounting Holes:
    • Examine the front bumper of your Hyundai Santa Fe to locate the pre-drilled holes or the area where the license plate bracket should be attached. Some Hyundai models may have built-in mounting points.
  3. Attach the License Plate Bracket (if needed):
    • If your Hyundai Santa Fe doesn’t have a license plate bracket installed, you’ll need to attach one. Place the bracket over the mounting holes or area you identified in step 2. Make sure it’s aligned correctly.
  4. Secure the Bracket:
    • Use the provided screws or bolts to secure the license plate bracket to the front bumper. Tighten the screws securely, but be cautious not to overtighten and damage the bracket or bumper.
  5. Prepare the License Plate:
    • Position your license plate over the bracket. Ensure it’s level and aligned to your liking. If desired, use a level to help with alignment.
  6. Attach the License Plate:
    • Insert screws through the holes in the license plate and into the bracket. Use a screwdriver or a drill with a Phillips head bit to tighten the screws until the license plate is securely attached to the bracket.
  7. Final Inspection:
    • Double-check the alignment and the tightness of the screws to ensure the license plate is firmly in place.
  8. Optional: Add License Plate Frame (if desired):
    • If you want to add a license plate frame for extra protection or style, attach it over the license plate. Follow the frame manufacturer’s instructions for installation.
  9. Test the Lights (if applicable):
    • If your Hyundai Santa Fe has a license plate light, make sure it’s working correctly by turning on the vehicle’s headlights and checking that the license plate is illuminated.
  10. Legal Considerations:
    • Check your local and state regulations regarding front license plates. Some areas may require a front license plate, while others do not. Ensure you are in compliance with your local laws.

Installing a front license plate on your Hyundai Santa Fe is a straightforward process, and it typically only takes a few minutes. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any additional accessories or brackets you may be using, and be mindful of local regulations regarding license plate placement and visibility.

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