how to install daybetter led lights

Daybetter LED lights are popular for adding colorful lighting to various spaces. To install Daybetter LED lights, follow these general steps:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Daybetter LED light strips with adhesive backing
  • Power supply (included in the kit)
  • Remote control (included in the kit)
  • Cleaning supplies (alcohol wipes or a clean cloth)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Mounting clips or brackets (for additional support)


  1. Prepare the Installation Area:
    • Ensure the surface where you plan to install the LED lights is clean and dry. Clean it with alcohol wipes or a clean cloth to remove dust and dirt. Make sure the surface is smooth for better adhesion.
  2. Unbox and Inspect:
    • Open the Daybetter LED light kit and inspect the contents to ensure everything is included and in good condition.
  3. Measure and Cut:
    • Measure the length of the installation area where you want to place the LED lights. Daybetter LED light strips typically have markings where you can safely cut them to the desired length. Use scissors to cut the strip at the designated marks.
  4. Peel Off the Backing:
    • Carefully peel off the adhesive backing from the LED strip. Start at one end and work your way along the entire length of the strip.
  5. Stick the LED Strip:
    • Gently press the adhesive side of the LED strip onto the cleaned surface. Make sure it adheres smoothly without wrinkles or bubbles. Apply firm and even pressure to ensure a strong bond.
  6. Connect the Power Supply:
    • Connect the Daybetter LED strip to the power supply included in the kit. Typically, there are connectors at both ends of the LED strip. Ensure the connections are secure.
  7. Plug In the Power Supply:
    • Plug the power supply into a nearby electrical outlet. Make sure it’s easily accessible for turning the lights on and off.
  8. Test the Lights:
    • Use the included remote control to test the LED lights. Check that they respond to the remote by changing colors, brightness, and patterns as desired. Ensure the lights are functioning correctly.
  9. Secure Loose Sections (if needed):
    • If any sections of the LED strip are not sticking well, you can use additional mounting clips or brackets to secure them in place. These clips are often included in LED light kits.
  10. Arrange and Adjust:
    • Adjust the placement and arrangement of the LED lights to achieve your desired lighting effect. You can create different patterns, colors, and effects using the remote control.
  11. Enjoy Your LED Lights:
    • Once everything is in place and working correctly, enjoy the ambiance and lighting effects provided by your Daybetter LED lights.


  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions included in the Daybetter LED light kit for specific details and guidance.
  • You can cut and reconnect LED strips to fit around corners or gaps.
  • To ensure a secure bond, avoid bending or twisting the LED strip excessively.
  • Keep the remote control and power supply accessible for easy use.

Always exercise caution when working with electrical components, and if you’re unsure about any part of the installation process, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek assistance from a professional electrician.

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