how to increase research power in evony

In the game Evony, increasing your research power is essential for advancing your technology and gaining advantages over other players. Here are some strategies to increase your research power:

  1. Build and Upgrade Research Centers:
    • Research Centers are the primary buildings for conducting research. Build and upgrade them to increase your research power. Higher-level Research Centers provide more research slots and better bonuses.
  2. Complete Research Projects:
    • Actively engage in researching various technologies available in the game. Each completed research project contributes to your research power. Focus on technologies that align with your gameplay style and goals.
  3. Use Research Boost Items:
    • Some items, like research scrolls or speed-ups, can boost your research speed temporarily. Use these items strategically to accelerate research progress and increase your research power faster.
  4. Research Skills:
    • Allocate skill points to research-related skills in your Hero’s skill tree. These skills can increase your research speed, decrease research costs, and enhance your overall research power.
  5. Participate in Events:
    • Events in Evony often offer research-related rewards. Participate actively in these events to earn items, resources, and bonuses that can enhance your research power.
  6. Upgrade Your Hero:
    • As your Hero levels up, they gain additional skills and attributes that can improve research efficiency. Keep your Hero leveled and upgrade their skills to benefit from these bonuses.
  7. Join an Alliance:
    • Being part of an active alliance can provide research-related benefits, such as alliance technologies that boost research speed and reduce research costs. Collaborate with alliance members to reap these advantages.
  8. Complete Quests and Daily Tasks:
    • Evony often offers quests and daily tasks that reward you with research scrolls, speed-ups, and other research-related items. Completing these tasks can help you increase your research power.
  9. Participate in Technology Blessings:
    • Some game features, like Technology Blessings, offer temporary research bonuses. Participate in these events when available to maximize your research efficiency.
  10. Strategically Allocate Resources:
    • Manage your resources wisely, ensuring you have enough to fund research projects continuously. Use resource items and resource production boosts to maintain a steady supply.
  11. Plan Your Research Queue:
    • Prioritize research projects that are most beneficial to your current game strategy. Queue up research efficiently to avoid downtime between projects.
  12. Upgrade Your Resource Buildings:
    • Upgrading resource-generating buildings like farms, sawmills, quarries, and iron mines can provide you with a steady supply of resources needed for research.
  13. Utilize Research Scrolls:
    • Research Scrolls can be used to instantly complete research projects. Use them strategically on lengthy or critical research projects to save time and increase your research power.

By following these strategies and actively participating in research-related activities and events, you can steadily increase your research power in Evony. Keep in mind that research is a long-term investment, and consistently working on it will lead to stronger and more advanced gameplay in the long run.

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